Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fabulously Simple Harry Potter Scarf-Crochet

I must admit, I am a Harry Potter lover. So I decided that I should make a scarf to wear to the premiers of the next two movies (Deathly Hollows part 1 and 2) in my favorite house's colors. In my case, I like Ravenclaw the most, and the book versions of the Ravenclaw colors the best (in the book they are blue and bronze, in the movies they are blue and grey). This scarf is very simple, and is done in all one stitch. It is perfect for those of you who:
a) love the Harry Potter books/movies
b) want to get better at changing colors
c) are going on a long trip or are sick and want a project that is simple and doesn't require too much yarn.

You can do this scarf in the Hogwarts house colors, or in just any colors you think look good. But for those of you doing the HP colors, here's a list of which house uses which colors. The bold ones are your main color.
Gryffindor (Harry's house): Scarlet and gold
Slytherin (the so-called "evil" house): Green and silver
Ravenclaw (the ones who like to learn aka the "smart" people house): blue and either bronze (books) or grey (movies)
Hufflepuff( Finders!): Yellow and black

What you'll need:
About 7 oz. of your main color (try the Caron brand simply soft yarn)
About 4 oz. of your secondary color
A hook to obtain the proper gauge (this can vary between yarn, but for the kind I used, a medium bulk worsted weight yarn, I used an I/9-5.40mm hook)
Tapestry (Yarn) needle

How to make it:
in main color, CH 24
skip the first 2 CHs, HDC in each CH across (22 stitches)
*CH 2, HDC across
Repeat from * until you have 18 rows (this includes the first row of HDC), for the last row, DO NOT chain 2, leave the last HDC unfinished so there are three loops on your hook.
That is your first main color block. Now you are ready to start the secondary color bars. It's easier than it sounds.
Start your secondary color by pulling it through the three loops like you would if you were doing another row of your main color, but leave about a 6 inch long tail, then chain 2.
Make two rows of HDC the same way you did with the main color block.
On the last HDC of your 2 secondary color rows, switch back to your main color, remembering to leave a 6 inch long tail.
Do 2 rows in your main color, then switch back to your secondary color and do 2 more rows of it.
When you finish two stripes in your secondary color (each stripe being two rows), you have completed one leg of the pattern!
Now all you have to do is make another block of 18 rows, then another set of stripes, and keep going until the scarf is as long as you want it to be. It gets long quickly, so remember to check the length after every few blocks of your main color.
Tie off when scarf is as long as you want, weave in all loose ends.

Fringe (optional):
You have 22 stitches on each end with which to put fringe. That means you should cut eleven strands of equal length in each color.
Start with your main color. Fold it in half, then take your crochet hook and pull the folded part through the end little loops. You will now have a loop on one side and 2 strands on the other. Pull both strands through the loop and pull tight. Repeat that technique while alternating colors all along the bottom, and then repeat on the other side.
Once you've done that, your scarf is done! Congratulations!


  1. I'm going to try all of them!
    Thanks a bunch

  2. So cool! I have got to make a Slythrin scarf!

  3. oooh this inspires me... have got 2 learn 2 crochet, but 4 now... garter st will look nice

  4. finally ! a harry potter scarf for my son to wear ! thanks !

  5. I'm knitting the Gryffindor one right now, and next comes the book version of Ravenclaw, which is my house. I don't know if I'm going to do teh others...but i'm thinking about it. Then I might make a Hogwarts scarf-alternating between all of the house colours.